Step-By-Step Letting Guide

HouseLet & you

  • We understand that letting your property can be a daunting task. Finding the right tenants is not an easy feat which is why you need the right people by your side.
  • At HouseLet not only do we know property, we understand people. We take a personable approach to property and we treat each property as unique.
  • We take our goals of maximising the return on your property and finding you the right tenant very seriously.
  • In order to make this process as seamless as possible we have compiled some tips for successful letting

Valuing your property

From the very beginning we will give you access to our senior staff with intimate knowledge of the respective market.

Preparing to Let

Condition of your property

First impressions are everything when you are renting your property and we cannot stress how important it is. Freshly decorated properties with well manicured gardens, modern kitchens, clean carpets and free storage space rent quicker and for higher prices.

The Personal Touch

People are too quick to strip the property of all personal artefacts when letting their property. Properties with a nice scent, fresh bed linen, pictures and candles are more welcoming and easier on the eye.


Before being placed on the market all properties must have an Building Energy Assessment Rating (BER). Speak to one of our team and we can organise this on your behalf.

Appliances & Manuals

All appliances and machinery including your boiler must be in good working order with service history. Providing operating and instruction manuals can avoid any unnecessary phone calls.

Health & Fire Safety

In order to comply with regulations your property must be fitted with carbon monoxide monitors, smoke alarms and a fire blanket. Window restrictors must be fitted for windows above 5meters.


All landlords are required to ensure that the property is insured and you must inform your insurance company that your property is going to be let.

Tax implications

Any income generated from letting a property in Ireland is liable to Income tax whether you are living in Ireland or not unless you are renting a room and your income does not exceed €14,000. All of our fees and post let expenses are tax deductible however as tax liability will vary from person to person we recommend that you consult your accountant

Long Term or Short Term Let

This will dictate what kind of tenant you are after and also what kind you must leave in the property so it is worth establishing this before you let your property.

Furnished or unfurnished?

Both properties appeal to different audiences however as furnished properties are the norm in the Irish market we would advertise an unfurnished property earlier. If you are unsure of what to leave in your property, speak to one of our property experts.

Refurbishment necessary?

Maybe you are just out of a long term let or you feel the property needs a freshen up. One of our property experts can advise you on what is needed to maximise the return on your property and if required, can manage the entire project for you.

Personal Items

Although we recommend leaving pictures, bed line, candles etc. for marketing and viewing purposes we recommend removing all personal items before move in.

Property Management

We would always strongly advise that you identify a party to look after the property throughout the duration of the tenancy. A good tenancy can turn into a bad one if not managed appropriately. If you require ongoing support we can provide a fully comprehensive property management service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Preparing for Viewings

First Impressions

We cannot stress how important these are. We recommend that all areas free of junk mail and clutter and that the floors are clean


There is nothing worse than the smell of damp when letting a property. Ensure that the property has been properly aired and if necessary air fresheners or candles can do a lot to freshen up the place.


A musty house will not do your property justice so make sure that it’s been given a good dusting and that we can see out the windows


These should be well manicured and cleared of any refuse bins for viewings

Lighting & Temperature

No matter how nice the property is, there is nothing worse than walking into a dark and/or cold house so ensure that all blinds are open and, if necessary, the heating is on.

Marketing your property


When letting your property we want the picture to reflect the true character of your property. For that reason we have an experienced team of property professionals to ensure this your property is shown in the best possible light

Office Window

Before your property goes anywhere it will go up in our window. Down through the years some of our best tenants have been walk in’s.

Online Marketing

Your property will be advertised online through our newly designed website, Daft and . In addition to this we employ a number of digital marketing techniques that ensure maximum visibility for our live properties.

HouseLet’s tenant network

We are in business 18 years and we specialise in residential lettings so we have a wide network of exceptional tenants. We also have the latest CRM with a database that helps us store these potential tenants

Corporate Lettings

We have strong connections with Irish Relocations and various large multinationals such as Intel. Our experience in corporate lettings also enables us to advise you on the best way to present your property to secure this type of tenant.


We have started to invest heavily in Google Adverts and Facebook advertising to ensure maximum exposure for your property. We also invest in traditional local advertising where


  • The best tenants go for the best properties so we advise all of our landlords to ensure that your property looks the best.
  • In the current market ‘Open Viewings’ have become the norm, in HouseLet we don’t subscribe to this trend. We take a personal approach to property and believe the relationship starts from this initial interaction. For that reason we conduct viewings on an appointment basis only.
  • We will make the time for high value tenants and we conduct viewings at whatever time is necessary.
  • We will always provide you with detailed feedback on potential prospects.

Securing the Right Tenant

The Offer

If everything is done right, it may be that you may receive multiple offers on your property. If we have done our job right we will be able to see the wood from the trees and we will know what is right for you. It’s not always that the right tenant pays the highest rent.

Due Diligence

We require detailed references on each applicant and these will be checked thoroughly by a member of our team. No decisions are made until you are 110% happy with the tenants.

Signing the Tenancy Agreement

All of our leases are professionally drawn up and in line with all of the latest legislation

We get all of our lease signed electronically via DocuSign

If we are managing the property for you we can sign the lease on your behalf and we will furnish you with a fully signed copy for your records.


In order to minimise the risk and to avoid arguments down the line we will provide the tenant with a full photographic inventory.

We will give the tenant time to respond to this with any queries of their own.


We hold the majority of tenant deposits in a separate client account unless requested otherwise

Commencement of Tenancy

Once the monies have been transferred and leases signed we will hand over the keys to the tenant.

– We will make sure that the tenant knows where everything is and how everything works

– If managing the property we will hold keys in our office in case of emergencies

Congratulations your property has been successfully let! If you require further support and wish to step back from the property management please feel free to speak to one of our property management experts.

For more information on any of our professional property letting and property management services, get in contact with our offices today