Letting Management


A member of the HouseLet team will meet you at your property and provide you with a realistic valuation. This valuation will take into consideration the key variables such as:

  • Market rents
  • No. of bedrooms
  • Proximity to amenities, public transport and employment centres
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Overall condition of property

Our agents won’t inflate the value just to get the property on. We will give you the real valuation and practical advice on how to enhance this.


We offer a discounted Letting Fee for fully managed properties. There are also no hidden extras. You simply hand us the keys and we look after everything from there on.

When it comes to re-letting we are incredibly proactive. As soon as we receive notice from your tenants, we organize a pre-move out inspection. You will be furnished with a photographic inspection report outlining which, if any, works are required prior to re-letting. Our team will then put a plan in place to ensure that your property is ready to attract your next tenant. We have an excellent reputation for having little or no rental voids, even in the hard times!


For managed properties, we use a software to create detailed, high resolution, photographic inventories. On completion, this inventory will be sent to you and your new tenant and will also be saved on our lease management system. This inventory will cover every corner of your property. Managing property is very much like building a house, if the foundations are laid correctly, you will have less problems down the line. A detailed inventory protects both the landlord and tenants and helps avoid awkward conversations down the road.

4Tenant Management

We cannot stress how important this part is. The work doesn’t stop once the right tenant is sourced. A tenancy must be proactively managed and in the right way. That doesn’t only mean responding to boiler breakdowns, relationships can break down too and thing can change quite quickly.

We manage all correspondence with your tenant from the moment we meet them at a viewing to the day they move out. If they are having issues it is our job to put their minds at ease. From our experience, we know that a happy tenant is usually a good tenant and they will be more likely to respect your property.

5Rent Collection

A tenant is obliged to pay their rent in full and on time until the end of our tenancy. The rent will be transferred into our account every month so if this doesn’t happen, we will know about it. If you don’t get paid, neither do we so it is more than our reputation at stake. We follow all the correct procedures and will represent you in the RTB should the case get that far.


We conduct bi-annual inspections on all our managed properties unless agreed otherwise. We don’t outsource this to a third party, a HouseLet member of staff will carry out the inspection. These inspections give us the opportunity to check:

  • Your property is being kept in accordance with the lease
  • There is no subletting
  • There is no unreported maintenance that may enhance the risk of causing damage or harm to your property, your tenants or the neighbours

We use a software to produce detail photographic inspection reports. This report will be shared with you in real time so you will be fully aware of how your property is doing. Photographs will only be taken where necessary as it can be quite intrusive, and from our experience can set the wrong tone for a tenancy.

7Maintenance Management

All maintenance is reported through our website, so we have a data trail of each issue. It is our job to keep your costs down, so we avoid sending a contractor unnecessarily. All our staff have been well trained in maintenance trouble shooting and we will advise tenants of a quick fix over the phone where necessary.

Our contractors have been with us a long time and understand how we work. They must be honest, respectful and competitive to work with HouseLet. If they aren’t, we won’t work with them. We do not mark-up maintenance as we believe this to be counterintuitive. We get paid to manage your property and keep your costs down.

8Rent Reviews

We have a cloud-based lease management system that tracks all our rents and issues reminders once a review is due. We ensure that all our rent reviews are compliant with RPZ Regulations and in line with the market where possible. We also ensure that rent reviews are not imposed in cases that might undermine security of tenure and/or rental income.

We approach each case based on:

  • Market rents
  • Household income & ability to pay

Each tenancy is unique and should be treated as so. Our job is to secure your rental income for the long term so we will not do anything to jeopardise that.

9Tenancy Compliance

Our team has in depth knowledge of the legislation that governs the Irish rental sector. From the moment we value your property, we will advise you on how to ensure your rental property is compliant with the minimum standards and health & safety legislation.

This level of attention will continue throughout the course of your tenancy. We will also represent you at the RTB if the case goes this far. We don’t have many cases up in front of the RTB as we tend to resolve them before they get there. However, we have an excellent track record with the cases that did go there.


As soon as we receive notice from your tenants, we will start working on finding you new tenants. For existing clients, we charge a discounted rate to Re-Let your property. The only additional costs to you will be for the new RTB registration, cleaning and any other remedial works that may be required. Over the years, we have had exceptionally low rental voids so with HouseLet you can expect full occupancy and continuity of income.

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