Our Tenancy Guide

Welcome to your new home

Thank you for choosing HouseLet as your letting agent. We look forward to working with you throughout the duration of your tenancy.

Reporting Maintenance

Please consider the validity of maintenance call out before registering it as tenants will be charged for unnecessary call outs. To avoid this from happening we have compiled some tips for your perusal:

  • If there is a leak or sewerage issue try and find the source of it, it may be your neighbours
  • If your sink or bath isn’t draining, try filling it up halfway with water and using a plunger and/or drain cleaner
  • If there is an isolated electrical issue check the fuse box to see if it has tripped. It may be a faulty appliance causing it to trip
  • If the radiators aren’t heating try to bleed them first
  • If there is a power cut ask your neighbours whether they have been affected and whether there is a helpline to call
  • If the washing machine has stopped spinning try and use lighter loads
  • If the washing machine is gathering dirt put it on a boil wash with machine cleaner or white vinegar

To avoid unnecessary costs please do not do the following:

  • Let the oil run out
  • Put baby wipes down the toilet
  • Block ventilation ducts
  • Pour oil down the sink
  • Park cars on the lawn
  • Leave sharp objects in washing machine
  • Have pets in the house

Please note that in all cases we require approval from the Property Owner and it can sometimes take up to five working days to get a response so please be patient. In cases of emergency please contact us on 0871651492 and we will react as deemed necessary.

Response Times

High Priority: 24-48 hours

  • Power Cut

  • Security Issue

  • Substantial Water leak

  • No hot water

  • Blocked drain

  • Gas leak

  • No heating

Medium Priority: 4-5 Working Days

  • Faulty Equipment

  • Faulty fixtures and fittings

  • Account matters

  • Pest Control

Low Priority 10-15 Working Days

  • Refurbishments

  • Cleaning

  • Lightbulb replacements

It is important to remember, that we are people just like you, so please be polite and patient and rest assured that we are dealing with your query as promptly as possible.

During your Tenancy

We tend to have very good relationships with our tenants and we hope to keep it this way. To avoid any unnecessary conflict and to ensure your tenancy is easily manageable we have outlined some tips:

  • Set up a house account and pay rent each month from this account
  • Nominate one point of contact for your property manager
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide monitors in the home
  • Keep the property clean
  • Report all faults in a timely manner via our website
  • Maintain grounds and keep them clear of rubbish
  • Drop/forward any old post to your agent’s office
  • Notify your agent if you foresee any issue with payment of rent
  • Notify your agent if your contact details have changed
  • Notify your agent of any changes you wish to make to the property
  • Your tenancy agreement stipulates that there is no smoking within your property. As smoking is in breach of your tenancy agreement you may be subject to additional charges for cleaning or redecorating
  • Be polite and patient and we will return the favour

Ending your Tenancy

So, your moving onto greener pastures? In this case we want to be able to return your deposit to you swiftly and in full. For this process to be as seamless as possible we have put together some boxes for you to tick:

  • Send us an official notice of termination giving us the required notice
  • Check through the photographic inventory noting any changes and why
  • If furniture has been put in storage put everything back as it was when rented
  • Please ensure that the property is left clean and tidy and as you found it. Generally, the main problem areas are bathrooms and kitchen appliances such as fridges and ovens
  • Remove any unwanted rubbish, even from the attic, shed and under the stairs
  • Cancel your bin account and leave bins out for collection
  • Close other TV, phone or internet services prior to vacating
  • Ensure hot water tanks are turned off but DO NOT turn off main power switch
  • Make sure your rent is paid up to date
  • Have your post redirected to your new address
  • Drop the keys into HouseLet’s office


For more information on any of our property letting and property management services, get in contact with our offices today