Our management services

Property management can be a full time job for landlords with all the compliance rules and regulations.At Houselet we provide an efficient and transparent property management service which allows our landlords to sit back and relax while we look after all aspects of the managed property.Our team of property managers look after properties in Kildare, Meath and Dublin with properties ranging from apartments, houses, flats and small apt complexes.

Our Full property management service gives our landlords peace of mind.

Rent Management

Efficient rent collection. Tenants pay rent via standing order to our client account.

Rapid transfer of the rent minus property management fees to the landlord's bank account.

Preparing of the landlords monthly financial statements and remitting the balance to landlords.


Conduct three property inspections per year to ensure the property is being cared for properly and discuss any issues that the tenant may have. Inspections also allow us to inspect the property for maintenance issues the tenant may have missed

Present to the landlord an inspection report of the property condition for the landlords records.


An agreed inventory of condition and contents is essential to avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Houselet compile an itemised inventory of condition and contents supported with digital photographs for inclusion in the lease agreement.

Our Inventory reports are designed to minimise end of tenancy property condition disputes.

Point of Contact

If employing House Let as property managers we act as the first point of contact with the tenant on all issues

We provide mediation with tenants in the event of a dispute arising with in the property.

Prompt action on rent and property issues raised during the tenancy.


24/7 emergency contact number provided to tenants in the event of any issues arising

Copies of maintenance or tradesmen invoices are provided to landlords when works are completed.

All tradesmen are fully qualified and insured to carry out maintenance on your property.

All our tradesmen have worked forthe company for many years and provide a great cost effective service

Houselet staff have many years experience of maintenance issues and what costs are typical ensuring tight control of costs.


Preparation of annual statements for landlords. Statements can also be provided on demand.

End of year tax returns for overseas landlords via our reccomended accountants.

Property management and maintenance costs are fully tax deductable from end of year accounts. We can provide invoices for all deductable costs.